Our Journey to Sustainability

We consider nature when we create.



Look out for our recycled whisky cask signage in the stores we supply. They are handmade locally by a family business in Speyside. There is no shortage of distilleries here! 

Each one is unique and rustic in nature which reflects in all the knotted and scarred features from the Oak staves. This just adds to the character of the display in contrast with our colourful tweedy items. 



In order to reduce the overall footprint of Thistlecrafts, our team has set sustainability goals to stop single use plastics. Big or small, all of our efforts add up to positive change.

- Oxo-degradable bubble wrap is a more environmentally friendly form of cushion packaging, and is 100% recyclable.

- 100% compostable mailers

- Recycled cardbox boxes 

- Recyclable glassine bags 

- String for tagging


Remnant fabric

The handbag templates we use do produce all kinds of different sizes and randomly shaped remnant pieces of fabric. But nothing is hardly ever wasted! 

We just simply create other items with them. Either patchwork for cushions, cut outs for purses/cosmetic bags or even smaller items - keyrings, coasters and bookmarks all to name a few.


Repair and Reuse

We believe the most sustainable product is the one you already own. That’s why we’ve made it easy to give your old favourites a new lease of life. 

Handcrafted from start to finish by us - and with repairs, we’ll happily help you with that. 

Why not extend the life of your Thistlecrafts item? Don't hesitate to contact us. After all, we aim to make high-quality and durable products made to last. 


Recyclability and Style Longevity